pollutionAnnually, in the United States, 60% of the electricity and 30% of the total energy is consumed by buildings. In 2006, the commercial building sector produced more than 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. These and similar reports of massive energy consumption and waste are staggering to ponder. It may be tempting to reason that, individually we can do very little to reduce these numbers. After all, what difference will one project, or even the lifetime work of one Architect or Builder make? The truth is very little. So why move toward sustainability?


The simple answer is that its the “right” thing to do. We have only one Earth. Many of its resources are limited. Natural gas, petroleum and other fossil fuels are available only in finite amounts. Other resources such as trees and water have been over-harvested and polluted with very little thought of the long lasting effects. A thoughtful design process will take these factors into consideration. The triple bottom line (people planet and profit)   has moved many to look beyond complicated solutions to the simple ones. Simple things may not make a significant impact initially, but if they are sustainable, they are the “right” thing to do.

“Simple+Sustainable” is the title of a new feature of this web site. We will highlight  products and techniques that, while simple, are sustainable. Little things that respect the triple bottom line. They may not solve the problems facing Earth, but they do not contribute to them. Do you have a product or construction technique that you would like to share? Please contact us, it is our plan to post monthly. Please check back regularly.

CV3 Architectural PC is very pleased to participate in the move to sustainability in the Western New York building industry.