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City of Lights, Buffalo, NY 1901

In 1878 Thomas Edison began developing a practical incandescent lamp. From that time on people have been thinking of creative ways to light up the world and beyond. Incandescence has played a dominant role. From the 1901 Pan-American Exposition which featured temporary buildings lit up at night by thousands of lightbulbs to the astronauts’ helmet mounted lights which used small incandescent lamps.

Now, with a greater awareness of the impact this “enlightenment” has had on the environment, the move is on to a more sustainable source of lighting. LED lighting has emerged as the future of lighting. One 40 watt incandescent light bulb emits 450 lumens of light. The same level of lighting can be achieved with 4-5 watts of LED lighting.

2.5 x 8 Solar Brick-5

The Solar Brick Paver

CV3 Architectural PC is always on the lookout for products that are unique and positively affect the triple bottom line. The solar brick fits that mould. This simple pavement light by SolarLightWorks  is 100% solar powered and operates with LED’s. During the daylight hours, the built-in solar panels recharge the NI-MH batteries. At night, the lights turn themselves on and run 8+ hours on a charge. SolarLightWorks also sells a variety of similar products.

Installation is simple and requires no wiring. They stand up to foot and light car traffic. The rechargeable NI-MH battery are fully accessible for easy replacement. You can install these solar lights permanently in concrete, among pavers in your driveway or walkway or as part of your landscaping.  This product is simple+sustainable. 



4x8 Illuminated

Solar Landscape Paver


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